My Favorite Expo and EAS Commands for React Native Development

These are some commands I use very often for developing React Native apps with Expo. Keep in mind some additional packages such as expo-dev-client and expo-updates may be required. You may also need to update your eas.json channels.

Previewing your App Locally

expo start -c

The -c flag just clears the cache which I find helpful. In the latest version of Expo it will prompt you to run the development build or inside Expo Go. You can also just add the –dev-client flag to your command if you’d like to run your app in your development build.

Creating a Dev Build

eas build --profile development

Creating a Dev Build for iOS Simulators

eas build --profile development-simulator --platform ios

This will require a separate “development-simulator” profile with some additional configuration inside your eas.json file.

ESA Updates

eas update

Updates are self explanatory but can be used, also to distribute your app internally whiteout having to run a local server. You will need expo-updates installed for this one.

Submit your App to the GooglePlay and App Stores

eas submit

This will bundle your build and send it to the appropriate store for people to download and enjoy!